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Mutually Assured Destruction

I've gone "Friends Only" - I guess some of my ramblings are just a bit too nutty to be public. If you think we have something in common or a shared interest and want to "friend" me, please leave a comment so that I can add you back.
I swear I don't bite!

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hiii again. Heeere is a little secret: I've wanted to friend you for a while lmao and now it seems like the perfect time to ask. I think our shared adoration of things that were rockin' the hell out of the late 80's/90's is a good reason, plus it appears that your birthday is exactly one day after mine! And Skye says you make baby Jesus smile.

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And Skye says you make baby Jesus smile.
Damn, my intention was to totally make the little rugrat cry.

Friend away. I feel like I need to warn you, as is customary now, that I flail like a nut about Jean Smart and 99% of the time am incoherent, bordering on Bush. But if you can take the crazy, welcome!

Oh and the 80/90's = AWESOME!!! (and big hair)

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Ahaha, oh, that's fine, I'm the same way with Candice and Murphy pretty much. I can take the crazy because I'm sure I'm just as bad, lmao. Plus Jean Smart is an A+ person to flail over!

YESSS, always with the big hair. And the ginormous glasses.

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Jam jar specs FTW!