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Spurred on by my own bad hair day at a salon this morning, here's Martha's now infamous introduction from season 5 of 24 when she too laments at what her styled hair looks like, and then proceeds to take action about it. I pretty much fell in love with her right here, plus I so wanted to do my own version of the sink dunk this morning.
Made for [ profile] picspammy.

Evelyn: You look beautiful Mrs Logan.
Martha: I look like a wedding cake.

Martha dunks her head in the sink of water

Martha: Let's start over.

Caps made and colored by me. Please do not reuse.

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Oh, this was all it took for me to love Martha. :D


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thank god for some 24! :) i love her. :)

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Great Marthaspam!!! I begun to watch 24 at episode 3.
When I saw her first scene in that episode, I thought by myself "I love her, great lady!!"

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I really want to bust out my Day 5 dvds and rewatch now. And go back to that time in my life when I had like 50 Martha icons uploaded at any one time.

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I remember thinking "what's going with this woman?" ^g^ .. great scene and she's so perfect on this role.. ;)

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I love me some Martha. :D :D :D