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She's not wearing conflict diamonds

It's been ages since I did a picspam and although I have an epic Jean one planned in my head, I have yet to get into gear and start it. In the meantime [ profile] illusory_thrill reminded me I hadn't done one for [ profile] the_friday_spam in a while, so this is me making up for lost weeks. I had started out spamming last years Emmy awards but then changed to the 2007 Golden Globes for time reasons.

I have no idea who these dudes are but go them for being so lucky and scoring a picture.

Like Abigail Breslin didn't have a great year in 2007 already...

Pictures have been color corrected and cropped, please do not reuse for other graphics. Thanks.

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Lucky Abigail Breslin!

Fantastic spam!

[identity profile] 2009-06-13 12:01 am (UTC)(link)
She looks fab!! Lovely spam :)

Also, I LOL'd at "random twins".
I LOL'd even harder when I actually saw what you were talking about!!

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Okay I am in love with that last picture! haha amazing spam! Was good to see some Jean pictures again!

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She looks fantastic :D

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Very cool. Welcome back.

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Beautiful! ♥

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Wonderful spam!!!! Love these pics!!
Funny note: I've seen Blood Diamond too.

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Hot! <3 I love that coatdress on her--very va-va-voom!