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2009-06-13 12:15 am
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She's not wearing conflict diamonds

It's been ages since I did a picspam and although I have an epic Jean one planned in my head, I have yet to get into gear and start it. In the meantime [ profile] illusory_thrill reminded me I hadn't done one for [ profile] the_friday_spam in a while, so this is me making up for lost weeks. I had started out spamming last years Emmy awards but then changed to the 2007 Golden Globes for time reasons.

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2009-04-25 03:55 pm

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Spurred on by my own bad hair day at a salon this morning, here's Martha's now infamous introduction from season 5 of 24 when she too laments at what her styled hair looks like, and then proceeds to take action about it. I pretty much fell in love with her right here, plus I so wanted to do my own version of the sink dunk this morning.
Made for [ profile] picspammy.

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